How To Use LanGauge

Test Runner UI

LanGauge uses a streamlined testing user-interface to allow you to quickly upload data and process it using various models.

Test runners

To get started

1.) Upload a text file of your choice.

Upload File Button

2.) Select the task you wish to perform (we only support Name-Entity-Recognition at this time).

Task Select

3.) Models will become available after selecting a task.

Model Select

Run Options

Full Run

  • Click the run button to process your data on our backend.

Start Button

The model will run through the entire file and notify you when complete.

Success icon

Click the download button to download the output.

Start Button

Generate Sample Output

  • Optionally, you can click the sample button to generate a sample output.


This allows you to see what the output will look like with the model you chose without forcing it to run through the entire data set you provided.

This sample output will appear in the sample window once it is returned to us from the backend.

Sample output


After the test runners complete their processes you can navigate to the Metrics page to see how long each test took.

Execution Time Graph